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Rumors of tape & photos

A lot of people want to know if there is a tape of the Wendy's girl, compromising shots of her or photos of her in the buff. So far, nothing has come up, but I'm working tirelessly to find out if something is out there.

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  • Her stunning red hair
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  • Her sexy voice
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  • How I feel when I see her

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I have created this site as a dedication to a woman I am completely, helplessly enraptured by: Morgan Smith Goodwin, the Wendy's restaurants spokesperson. Every time I see one of her commercials my heart skips a beat. She the most beautiful woman on Earth.

Morgan Smith Goodwin

- Jim Richarts

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"We're a place for obsessed fans of Morgan Smith Goodwin to come and be obsessed with her, and find out details about her. And if you haven't seen the HBO Cathouse series with her possibly in it, you're missing out." - Jim Richarts, webmaster

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Well, here we go again. Google has decided to decimate our site in the rankings for no good reason. We think Google's new business model is to promote as much spam to the top of their rankings as possible. They will release every algorithm they can to crush the real sites where people put actual effort into them, and reward the junk.

The stuff that comes up when you search for Morgan Smith Goodwin or Wendy's Girl is most complete trash. It's just pure junk. Our site ought to be number one. I swear, they are the worst search engine on the planet. Reward the crap, destroy the people who work hard.

I've really just given up. There isn't much more I can do. I've done everything I can to bring Wendy to the public, give fans a platform and present the evidence.

One thing people don't know is that Morgan spent a lot of time working with kids at an orphanage in West Virgina during her college years, committing a lot of time and energy to helping those kids. It's amazing and she'll never talk about it, and you'll never hear about it -- except here.

So keep going to all those other crap sites and missing out on the good stuff here. Not much else I can do. 

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Has the Wendys girl captured America's heart?

An Interview with Morgan Smith Goodwin

February 21, 2014

Wilmington News

You may have seen her on TV, the bright, bubbly redhead and star spokesperson of the Wendy's Restuarants worldwide fast food chain. Her name is Morgan Smith Goodwin, a humble, unassuming North Carolinian who loves to sing, act and commit her time to charity. Despite her humility, she still garners a great deal of attention everywhere she goes. "On the street, they call out 'Wendy's girl!' everywhere I go," the 28 year-old married starlet told the Gazette during an exclusive sit-down interview at her parent's palatial Greensboro mansion. "I always wanted to be in acting, it was my dream, but I never imaged during hamburger commercials!"

Goodwin says the fast food giant approached her when she gained attention for her off-Broadway acting. "They noticed my hair," she adds, while sitting next to her husband of now four years, Silicon Valley whiz and millionaire Mark Harrisburg. "They said to me, 'Don't change anything, we love it. You're perfect!'" The actress claims she doesn't want to do the stint forever, but says she's grown fond of the attention and the quirky nature of the commercials. She expects to be the spokesperson for at least another few years, though she would not specific how long her contract  runs, she did give a hint, "It's going to be quite a long time that you'll be seeing me on TV. Sorry, guys, I'm here to stay."

That brought us the topic we wanted to ask her most about, the Internet personal attacks and 'trolling', a term used to describe people who viciously attack others through the keyboard. "It's been hard, they don't let up. They call me every name in the book. They say they'll never eat at Wendy's again." That may be true for some, but if corporate profits are any indication, Morgan Smith Goodwin has been a boon for the company. Profits are up 45% year-over-year going into 2014.

The big question is whether she has plans for a Hollywood film career. We asked her that question and got a response we weren't quite expecting, "My husband won't let me!" Her husband, Mark, said due to his strict Mennonite upbringing he was against any attempt by his wife to pursue a film career. "I won't let her do it, unacceptable," he bellowed, before he abruptly demanded the interview end. We certainly hope Mrs. Goodwin has the wherewithal to think for herself, and not let her husband think for her, because the world would be missing out on a wonderful talent if she decides to hold herself back from acting.

"People love her, don't expect that to change," said John Williamson of Oakbrier Consulting, a firm that outsources talent to ad agencies. "She's iconic. Everyone knows her now. You might say she's one of the most famous people in the U.S. right now, except people don't know her name." They sure are looking for her name, though. Google internet searches for "Wendys girl" hit an all-time high in December.

I am obsessed

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